Fast loading websites get search engine bonus points. When did you last check your loading speed?

I was referred to this website by an intern I worked with a few years ago. One of the sites we were working on was loading excruciatingly slow. When you live on a small Caribbean island it is hard to say whether the site or the hosting company is the issue, or the speed of the internet connection. That is when tools like Pingdom come in handy, since you can even test for several locations. You can test the loading speed in New York City, or Amsterdam for that matter.

You can use the speed test at no cost, if you would like to receive reports and alerts, there are several options and price levels.

Start testing at

Make your WordPress website multilingual with WPML

I have been working with WPML for about 3 years now, both on my own sites and on client sites. It has made my life a lot easier. I love free stuff but when it comes to money generating websites, I rather play it safe and make sure a plugin will be there for the long run and offers customer services if needed.

So, are you in need for a reputable plugin that supports publishing in several languages, please take my recommendation and go grab WPML


All my and my clients websites run on WordPress. It is an extremely versatile content management system and the first steps are really easy to learn. Did I mention that it is very search engine friendly already?

If you consider using WordPress for your website, please know that hackers like WordPress too. Like car thieves like Mercedes and BMW. It is the price we pay for using good stuff. Protect your valuables as good as you can, in the case of WordPress, that means:

  • Updating the core software and plugins regularly, I would say login into your website at least weekly to check for updates;
  • Install security software like Ithemes Security;
  • Make backups, just in case.

Follow this link to the WordPress software download page

MyNams Insiders Club with David Perdew

I have been a member of MyNAMS Insider Club for almost a year now and I really love the way they provide value. Some of the things I love most, are:

  • The 30 day challenges, where members work together to improve on one particular subject. This could be email marketing, content creation, traffic generation etc etc;
  • The buzz in the Facebook group, where everyone is unbelievably encouraging
  • The weekly calls where you get to ask questions.

Go check it out by following this link

Kill The Elevator Speech – Felicia Slattery

I had the honor of spending an entire weekend with Felicia Slattery and 14 other amazing women during the BeachPreneurs Beachhouse Retreat.

Ever Shuddered at Having To Give an Elevator Speech? @YvetteSonneveld reviews Kill The Elevatorspeech by @FeliciaSlattery

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