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Solopreneur & Techfobic Friendly Hosting At MomWebs
In the spirit of full disclosure I would like you to know that I currently have no websites hosted at[...]
Make Your Website Faster By Compressing Your Images
Don't you just love that cute bear. It is a smart bear too! It compresses oftentimes bulky png files, and[...]
Hemingway App Helps You Make Your Copy Easier To Read
I have started playing around with this app lately. It helps me find sentences that are hard to read and[...]
Ithemes Sync
If you manage several websites, keeping the core WordPress software, plugins and themes up to date gets time consuming. I[...]
Ithemes Security
I have tested out several security plugins and this one not only has a great reputation, but does not slow[...]
Another piece of software that came highly recommended. I have been using it for a little over a year now,[...]