Solopreneur & Techfobic Friendly Hosting At MomWebs

In the spirit of full disclosure I would like you to know that I currently have no websites hosted at MomWebs. I do, however, know several solopreneurs and business owners that have their sites hosted with MomWebs happily, for a long time. Also, while signing up for the affiliate program, a hickup occured. Customer support replied within the hour and resolved the problem. For me, that is what makes the difference between OK companies and GREAT businesses.

Feel free to check their packages out at 


Make Your Website Faster By Compressing Your Images

Don’t you just love that cute bear. It is a smart bear too! It compresses oftentimes bulky png files, and if you don’t have access to Photoshop, it does the same for jpg files. And I just learned they have created a WordPress plugin, so that you can compress right from your WordPress dashboard, saving you extra steps and time.

Go play at TinyPNG already.

Bold Breakthroughs At The Beach – Beachhouse Ladies Mastermind Retreats

My Journey towards the Beachhouse Ladies Mastermind Retreat

I learned about BeachPreneurs, in May of 2014, when I was taking Bob Jenkins Mindmap Your Way To Success group coaching course. His fiance (at that time, they are married now) Therese Sparby had just participated in that retreat and was ecstatic about it. Bob referred me to. Therese had started a podcast “I Want What You’re Having” together with Maruxa Murphy and I referred to the retreat regularly.Read more…

Digital Marketer Lab By Ryan Deiss

This is another broad spectrum mastermind. The strenght of Digital Marketer Lab is in their Execution Plans, step by step instructions to get the tech working for you. Execution plans are available on a wide variety of topics, ranging from setting up your website in a search engine friendly way to setting up Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn advertising.

Like MyNams Insider Club, Digital Marketer Lab offers weekly group calls, some of these discuss what is working now, for others participants can sign up for a review of a salespage, ad campaign etc.

Check out Digital Marketer Lab by following this link.

Ithemes Security

I have tested out several security plugins and this one not only has a great reputation, but does not slow down my sites, while other security plugins did. I have not used the pro version yet, but I know I will soon, since I am planning to keep certain geographic regions away from my site. Checkout Ithemes Security.


Another piece of software that came highly recommended. I have been using it for a little over a year now, and am loving it. When it comes to selling digital content, this software offers you:

  • Flexibily: it handles products and memberships with product combinations with graceful ease
  • Profitability: referring traffic to you will never get easier. Amember has a built-in affiliate management system. Get your friends to refer to any blog post on your site, have them attach their affiliate code and all traffic gets cookied. They will keep sending traffic when you reward them by tagging referred clients forever so that they will be rewarded for sales for many years to come

Visit the Amember website by following this link.

Thrive Themes – Created For Speed Safety & Conversion

I have just recently discovered Thrive Themes. It came highly recommended to me for several reasons:

  • It was built for high conversion rates (More signups, more sales, who doesn’t want that?)
  • It was built to be mobile responsive (No escape, you just can’t be mobile unfriendly anymore)
  • It was built for for fast loading (Google Loves That)

I have purchased a personal license, have started playing and so far I am very happy. I will keep you posted on the progress. Check out Thrive Themes.