Yvette Sonneveld

Yvette Sonneveld is passionate about helping small businesses get more visibility, leads, clients and raving fans. She is currently available for a part-time marketing and ideally WordPress related job. She also consults and coaches with small business owners. To her, small businesses are the spice of life. Without the world would be all corporate, standardized and cookie cutter.

BeachPreneurs Ladies Mastermind Retreats

Bold Breakthroughs At The Beach – Beachhouse Ladies Mastermind Retreats

My Journey towards the Beachhouse Ladies Mastermind Retreat I learned about BeachPreneurs, in May of 2014, when I was taking Bob Jenkins Mindmap Your Way To Success group coaching course. His fiance (at that time, they are married now) Therese Sparby had just participated in that retreat and was ecstatic about it. Bob referred me …

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Ithemes Sync

If you manage several websites, keeping the core WordPress software, plugins and themes up to date gets time consuming. I have tested several plugins to keep my sites up to date, but this one is the easiest and hardly gives me any errors. Check out Ithemes Sync.


Another piece of software that came highly recommended. I have been using it for a little over a year now, and am loving it. When it comes to selling digital content, this software offers you: Flexibily: it handles products and memberships with product combinations with graceful ease Profitability: referring traffic to you will never get …

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Thrive Themes – Created For Speed Safety & Conversion

I have just recently discovered Thrive Themes. It came highly recommended to me for several reasons: It was built for high conversion rates (More signups, more sales, who doesn’t want that?) It was built to be mobile responsive (No escape, you just can’t be mobile unfriendly anymore) It was built for for fast loading (Google …

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