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BeachPreneurs Ladies Mastermind Retreats

My Journey towards the Beachhouse Ladies Mastermind Retreat

I learned about BeachPreneurs, in May of 2014, when I was taking Bob Jenkins Mindmap Your Way To Success group coaching course. His fiance (at that time, they are married now) Therese Sparby had just participated in that retreat and was ecstatic about it. Bob referred me to. Therese had started a podcast “I Want What You’re Having” together with Maruxa Murphy and I referred to the retreat regularly.

As a result of listening to this podcast regularly, I started following both Kelly McCausey and Nicole Dean, the managing partners of BeachPreneurs and learned quickly that I resonated with their messages deeply.

Then, in the fall of 2014, Kelly hosted a Stretch Yourself Content Marketing Challenge, a month long event focused on trying on new channels in promoting your business. I learned and stretched and had so much fun that I signed up for the follow up MasterClass, a 5-month programm with a small group of female solopreneurs. It gave me the opportunity to grow even further and get to know Kelly better.

At that time I already had signed up to attend NAMS in March of 2015, and knew I was going to meet her in person. And then, blessed me, my dear hubby treated me to a trip to BeachCamp St. Petersburg in Februari. I got to hang out with 35 smart female solopreneurs and I l.o.v.e.d. it.

It was at this time that my deep wish to attend the Beachhouse Mastermind Retreat. And I made it happen.

Beachhouse Retreat Takeaways

When you get to mastermind and hang out for three full days in a group of no more than 12 super smart female solopreneurs, you really get to know each other in a different way than when staying in a fancy hotel. People are not all polished and ready to go when they walk out of their bedroom. They are still in their jammies, their hair a tad bit wild. The first thing we all typically did was to grab a cup of coffee or tea to bring to the deck to enjoy the gulf breeze and slowly wake up.

THAT is the power of vulnerability in full force.

When you see each other like that, it gets much easier to talk about what walls you keep banging into. To share your fears. And to help each other move past it. Because, really, we all face the same fears and we have to decide to move forward regardless. Every. Single. Day. And in order to do that, it really, really helps to know that these gals you have gotten to know and have in high regard, are thinking that you are a smart cookie, and that you can do it. And are willing to remind you when you are feeling down sometimes. And it helps to know that they need that same pat on the back at times, and that they love you for giving it to them.

So if you are a galpreneur. Give yourself the gift of a small group retreat. Give yourself the gift of Beachhouse Ladies Mastermind Retreat


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